Tidbit & Beaux

December 29, 2022

Two male puppies available
Up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and AKC registered


Deposit Availability


1st Pick - Orange Collar (Snowy River)

2nd pick -Neon  Collar (Grey)

3rd pick Yellow Collar (Shinkle)

4th pick-  Blue Collar (Sims)

5th pick- Green Collar (Bash)

6th pick- Teal Collar (Nadir)

7th pick- Available


1st pick -Magenta Collar

2nd pick -Lime Collar (Robinson)

3rd pick -Pink Collar (Wolfe)

Tidbit & Beaux gave us 10 perfect puppies. Tidbits are all black and yellow.

Green Collar Boy- Hes a little bit shy still but still lovable and curious. Second largest of the yellow boys.  SOLD

Blue Collar Boy- This boy is outgoing and happy all of the time! Blue is the largest of the yellow boys. SOLD

Teal Collar Boy- This boy is silly! He's small but mighty! He was always the runt and still weighs about 4 lbs. SOLD

Teal boy.jpg
Teal boy2.jpg
Teal boy1.jpg

Lime Collar Girl- This girl is stunning. She watches everything you do and takes it in. Smart lady! SOLD

Pink Collar Girl- One of the most loving puppies! Very kissy and social. SOLD

Red Collar Boy- Calm and loving personality. Just wants to be held and cuddled. He has a small crook in his tail. AVAILABLE $1500

black (3).JPG
black (2).JPG

Neon Collar Boy- This boy does not have a care in the world. Content and lazy. Largest black boy! SOLD

Yellow Collar Boy-Outgoing and adventurous. He just loves life and everything in it...including tree sap! SOLD

Magenta Collar Female- Our only yellow girl is a typical pricess. She is loving and just so sweet. SOLD

Orange Collar Boy- This chubby fluff ball is staying here with us. SOLD